Key Features

and Uses


Softest available material on the market


Thermo Reactive Material


Ergonomic Large Flanges


Unibody Design


SNR 30 -

noise cancellation rating

Women everywhere are deprived of sleep resulting from noises and other disturbances. Win back your health and happiness by blocking out unwanted noise with these extra soft, carefully catered women’s earplugs by Otifleks.


Ladybuds is developed from an unmatchingly soft material, to match women`s expectations.


A sleeping earplug demands a small profile whilst providing maximum comfort and sound blocking ability. Traditional silicone/wax sleeping earplugs gather lint and other impurities whilst sleeping. This is definitively unhygienic and uneconomic in the long-term. Foam earplugs employ a one size fits all policy:either too small for effectiveness, or too large and incredibly uncomfortable.


Utilising the latest findings in ergonomic design and harnessing the power of thermo-reactive elastomer, the minimalist size of the Ladybuds leads to maximalised comfort, blocking sound whilst you sleep. As with all Otifleks items, the well being of the user - above and beyond all other considerations - tops our list of design priorities. We quite simply demand that you receive what you need.


Tested and Certified

Otifleks was developed and manufactured only subsequent intensive consultations from leading physicians and medical professionals. They conform to Australian and European Union regulations.





Softer material formulation than any other earplug available.


The ultimate sleeping aid for every woman.


Thermo-reactive material matches your body heat in minutes.

Available in 3 sizes.

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The most advanced ear care Products Sizing Guide Follow us on: Download sizing guide here. At Otifleks, we as users of traditional earplugs discovered that what people were using just wasn’t comfortable for us or our family members. So we set out to change that. In every way, we wanted to produce better earplugs than ever existed, no matter what use they were designed for. In our journey, we have witnessed our users’ needs first hand, we have set out to continuously improve our products.
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